Madison & Evan’s Green Desert Engagement

They were surrounded by the most beautiful tropical greenery, with fluffy clouds rolling in as they walked down the grass towards the lake. They had been exploring the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, and he set up his camera at every beautiful spot to simply “remember the trip”, or so she thought. They looked around at the breath-taking view as he turned to her, picked her up, and twirled her around, literally sweeping her off her feet in the most magical place. He then asked her to marry him, taking her completely by surprise as she thought this would be happening on a totally different trip (to Chicago). She gasped and of course, said yes, and they laughed and hugged and took in this perfect slice of their new forever, engulfed in the beauty of this place and pure bliss. They spent the rest of their time in Hawaii floating on a cloud, now fiancés, happier than they’d ever been before. It. Was. Perfect.

I first sat down to meet Madison and Evan exactly one year before what will be their wedding day, and I instantly knew these two were special. So kind, so in love, and their wedding day will fall on the same day her parents had gotten married! The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! We had the best time capturing their love at their engagement session, and yes, Evan even got to climb a tree and skip rocks in the river! 😉 But really, these two could not be more photogenic, and their beauty as a couple is as inspiring in real life as it is on camera. I cannot wait for their wedding day next year! Madison and Evan, hold onto these precious times and always remember that feeling of squeezing each other tight for all the big life events and the small. And do the same for the rest of your lives, because that feeling never truly goes away when you’ve found the one you were meant to share this life with. I’m so happy for you two!

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The Gear Used for This Shoot…

Kelly Moore Songbird

Cameras & Accessories
Canon 5D Mark III (2) • BlackRapid Camera Strap

Canon 50 1.2 • Canon 100 2.8 • Canon 70-200 2.8

Lens Accessories
Canon 67mm Filter • Canon 72mm Filter • Canon 77mm Filter

Lighting Essentials (Natural Light)
ExpoDisc 82mm White Balance Filter

Memory Cards
Sandisk 32GB CF Card • SanDisk 32GB SD Card

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