Scott & Maria’s Navy and Fuchsia Wedding

“As he got ready to go to work, probably not enthused to be clocking in on the weekend, he never knew that the night would alter the course of his life forever…

As the girls hopped out of the limo excitedly, dressed in heels and ready to pop the champagne, they turned around to their limo driver and insisted that he come in for a drink. Who could turn down that invitation? They went inside and sat at the bar, and he saw her. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders and her smile kept him staring. They gravitated toward each other and found themselves taking the night away, as if they’d known each other for years. And who would have thought, that at her friend’s bachelorette party years before, she’d be meeting the one who would turn her from a bachelorette, to a wife. The limo driver she’d met completely by fate, who happened to be at the right place at the right time. It’s funny how love can completely sneak up on us and knock us off our feet, in the most incredible ways. Scott and Maria are the perfect example of fate placing two people in each other’s lives, who wouldn’t even know the other existed had it not been for one enchanting night.”

Hearing one of Maria’s bridesmaids tell their engagement story at their reception brought me back to the first time I met this incredible couple. It seems so long ago now, but I’m so grateful for this journey and for their friendship. Their big day started out with beautiful temperatures and chocolates in the bridal suite. As we prepared for Scott to see his bride for the first time, he held a bouquet of giant balloons to block his few. As the door squeaked open, he could hear her heels slowing walking down the wooden steps as he took deep breaths. He let go of the balloons to see her standing there giggling, and his eyes immediately filled with tears.  He let out a gasp as she smiled and walked toward him, as he was at a loss for words. The only thing that managed to escape his lips was a soft “Wow” when she wrapped her arms around him. It was a perfect moment, followed by so many more that day. From the blowing of a train whistle after they became husband and wife, to a choreographed flash mob on the dance floor, these two know how to have <em>fun</em>! I completely enjoyed every moment of their incredible wedding, and I could have thought of a better way to cap off my Spring wedding season. I just love these two and seeing their adoration for each other in full bloom was an experience I will never, ever forget. So here’s to Scott and Maria, for ending this amazing ride on a high note, and going out with a bang! (or train toot!)

The Wedding Team

Bride’s Gown: Brilliant Bridal

Bride’s Ring: Kay Jewelers

Bride’s Shoes: Aldo

Bridesmaid Dresses: Various Locations

Ceremony and Reception Location: Park Avenue Event Center

Cake Design: Cakes by Genevieve

Floral Design: Custom by Bride

Catering: Rincon Market

Groom’s Suit: Nick’s Menswear

Groom’s Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Groom’s Ring: Shane Company

Groomsmen Suits: Nick’s Menswear

Hair/Makeup: Gadabout Salon and Spa

Officiant: Leah Ray

Photographers: Karlee K Photography

DJ: Flawless DJ & Entertainment

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  • Kathy McClennen - Karlee, I love the preview of pictures from Scott & Maria’s wedding! You are the most organized photographer I have ever encountered; and you captured Scott & Maria (and all of their guests and attendants) perfectly. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures. Thank you for making Scott and Maria’s wedding day so special for all of us. Kathy McClennen, “mother of the groom”ReplyCancel

    • admin - Oh Kathy!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I had such a wonderful time and I just love Scott and Maria, and your family! Blessings!


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