Chris & Taylor’s Wild Horse Engagement

As we slowly walked closer to the herd of wild horses, they didn’t seem to even notice us as they swished their tails and grazed the yellow grass below. At times, a couple would look up at us curiously, then continue nibbling at the ground. We knew they were used to seeing humans here, but we continued to proceed with caution, as we had never been this close before. Suddenly, a dark brown horse started to make his way toward us, a little more quickly than we would have liked, but we smiled as he was braver and friendlier than the rest. Before I knew it, he was sniffing my camera bag and rubbing his head on Taylor’s arm as her eyes grew wide, knowing the powerful animal simply wanted his ears scratched. We giggled as we walked over to snap some photos in the sunlight with the horses, and our new friend followed. We attempted to grab some shots without him, but he wanted to nuzzle up right there with Chris, so we went with it! And oh my goodness, we captured some magic! Between the glowing light and the sweet horses grazing, it was an enchanting experience I will never forget.

This engagement session was extra special to me, because I have known Taylor since I was a little girl. We danced together at the same studio growing up,  and I’ve watched her continue to pursue her passion for dance in incredible ways. She is not only an ariel artist, but she was “friends” with Arielle in the Tokyo Disney Resort! How cool is that, Arielle who happened to do ariel work?! And me being the Disney freak that I am couldn’t have been happier for her, and so excited that she was one of the few who continued using her talents in her dance career. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m also capturing her sister’s wedding this year, within three months of Chris and Taylor’s! Oh, life is the bubbles my friends. I am so blessed to be able to freeze these unforgettable moments in Chris and Taylor’s lives, and I’m so ready for their December wedding to arrive. I know these two are so incredibly special and their love is so breathtaking, and I’m incredibly blessed to be a part of their world! 😉

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