Our Second Nursery

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been really hard, and putting together our sweet baby’s nursery has been one of the many ways that she has already brought so much light into our lives. Dreaming up this space has truly been such a wonderful distraction and creative outlet, and I keep trying to picture her crawling around in here, though I know she will surpass anything I could ever imagine. Every night, as Jerrin reads to Quinn before bed in her room next to this one, I sit in this rocking chair while watching them across the hall and smile, taking in this sweet time that’s about to look very different soon. I rock back and forth and feel her wiggle and hiccup as my arms itch to hold her in here, but for now, I will cherish having her to myself!

I remember so vividly when creating Quinn’s room, I knew I wanted to incorporate small hints of Peter Pan and the sparkle of childhood. And before we even knew that this baby was a girl, I was set on bringing in touches of Cinderella. Ever since I first saw Disney’s live-action rendition, I absolutely loved the subtle use of butterflies in her dress, representing transformation. Change. New chapters. Magic. We also may have chosen her name with a major nod to a specific quote from the film, and I can’t wait to share that after she arrives! I also loved that in the live-action rendition, Ella continues to share warmth and positivity even when the world was dark and cold. Even when those who tried to bring her down didn’t deserve her kindness. What a wonderful example to teach our children! Butterflies also hold a special meaning to me as every time I see a butterfly, I’m reminded of loved ones who are watching us from Heaven. I included one of my Grandpa Dave’s paintings and a quote that my Grandma Jo always used to say, “Love You More.” And the tribute to Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage is a ceramic pumpkin vase that my grandparents gifted me from their house, knowing that I love Fall. And now this tiny piece of them is going in their great-granddaughter’s room! So incredibly meaningful.

I also just had to capture Quinn in her baby sister’s room before she comes, treasuring these last days with just one girl stealing our hearts. And I know she is going to be the most incredible big sister, and my eyes fill with tears at just the thought of if. It feels like we were just painting Quinn’s walls and hanging pictures, wondering what she would be like. And here we are. Baby girl, we absolutely cannot wait to meet you. I can already feel your magic in my veins, and I can’t imagine the bliss you will bring into our lives. Until then, I’ll come in here every day and pray that you are safe, and thank God that you are ours. We love you more than you could ever know, little princess!

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