Some Big News

My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for Jerrin to get home. Quinn was laying in our bed next to me, watching one of her favorite shows (probably Bubble Guppies or Shimmer and Shine), and I heard the front door open downstairs. I shot up and ran into the bathroom, seeing again the positive pregnancy tests I had just taken. The two pink lines on both tests were so dark, there was no denying that the next chapter in our loves had just begun. I still couldn’t believe it! I could hear him walking up the stairs, and the butterflies in my stomach danced. I held one test in my hand behind my back and ran back into our bedroom. I watched as the door handle turn and he walked in, while I stood there smiling with my hands behind my back. His eyes got so wide and he instantly knew. “Are you pregnant??” he asked excitedly, and all I could stammer out was “YES!” with my voice shaking, showing him the two pink lines. “No way!! Really?!” he said as we held each other so close. It had been our first try after we had decided to start to grow our family, so we were both shocked that it happened so fast. We were filled with so much gratitude and awareness that we are so very blessed as we know that this doesn’t happened for everyone, especially so quickly. We both looked at Quinn and stated in disbelief, “You’re going to be a big sister!” It didn’t feel real. We were so happy and of course, a little terrified that this was happening; we were going to have another baby! It felt so different the second time around, knowing what’s coming, the hard and the pure joy. But more than anything, we are SO excited!

Fast forward through most of the first trimester (something I wish I could have done in real life), and it was time to find out if baby is a boy or a girl! I was definitely more anxious to find out what we were having the second time around, because this could determine what our family would look like for the rest of our lives if we decide to only have two kids. Would Quinn have a little brother or a little sister? We decided to take the genetic blood test to find out as early and as accurately as we could, then we opened the results at home with just the three of us. Jerrin and I found out together that Quinn was a girl at our ultrasound appointment, and we loved experiencing that life-changing news with just the two of us! It was so very special. And because of Covid not allowing him to come with me to any appointments, we still wanted it to be just us (plus Quinn this time). My hands were shaking as I opened the envelope, and we saw the word “Female” highlighted in orange and almost fell over! We were not expecting that, but I have always secretly hoped for two girls…to say we are elated is an understatement! That same day, we gathered our families and close friends to give them a gender reveal, just as we did last time around. They were just as surprised and excited as we are, and it was so special and sweet to see their faces once the white smoke turned pink. We simply cannot wait for what the future holds, and we could not be more thrilled to welcome another beautiful girl to our family!

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