Our Second Maternity Photos

“Thank you for all the good old days that are happening right now.”

These are some of the photos I know I will look back through and smile, with an all-familiar sting in my heart of longing to relive these moments. I know this is true because I have the same feeling looking back on our engagement, wedding, first maternity, and just about every photo with Quinn in it. And as we were shooting these, I was reminded that time is so fleeting and change can be so scarily wonderful, and that’s part of what makes these so special. Our last photos as a family of three. Our last photos with a two-year-old Quinn. Possibly our last photos with a baby bump…

There simply aren’t words to describe how sacred it is to capture this time in our lives, because it truly is so fleeting and so beautiful. I’m so thankful to not only have these moments frozen, but to have them frozen this stunningly by Amy and Jordan. Oh, where to begin with these two mentors-turned-friends? How could I ever thank them enough for helping me pick my business up off the ground and propel it forward? How could I ever begin to describe my appreciation for these photos, and for giving us their time and energy so we could preserve this chapter? The truth is, I can’t, because what they’ve blessed us with is priceless, but I will never stop saying THANK YOU until I’m blue in the face. Also, not only was this day so gorgeous and special, it was hilarious! We ended up having to bring all our kids along for the shoot, equating to two busy toddlers and one bouncy baby, and it was crazy and amazing haha! We had Quinn and their son, Beckett, sitting with a tablet watching Daniel Tiger behind us, while Jordan wore their baby, Emily in a carrier. While taking pictures. I was amazed and laughing so hard. Jordan then proceeded to entertain the kids with singing and a parade while Amy worked her magic, and we were all covered in dirt and sweat and scratches with sore cheeks after it was over. Oh, and Quinn decided she had to poop right in the middle of the woods, but thankfully we toted her training toilet with us because life is glamorous when you’re a parent. This whole experience was quite literally the epitome of #parenthood haha! I will never, ever forget this day for so many reasons, I’m so glad to file it under one of the highlights in our lives, especially as our family evolves and grows with every passing day. And while I know I’ll miss these days, we simply cannot wait to meet the fourth little person in these photos who would remind me of her presence with a kick every so often as we walked. And as much as we loved this adventure, we are so ready to welcome the new one.

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