Sara & Jeremy’s Spring Canyon Engagement

She held his hand as he walked behind her, stepping over the cool grey river rocks below. He held her tight to keep her balanced, her blush dress fluttering in the wind behind her. The sun was dipping lower behind the peach-colored mountains, casting a golden glow on the cliffs as they reflected in the glassy river below. All that could be heard was the click of my camera and Sara’s laughter as Jeremy held her tight and kissed her cheek. They took in every moment of their time in the desert, visiting from their home in Pismo Beach, loving every minute surrounded by cacti and tumbleweeds. It was so much fun exploring the twists and curves of the rocky trail as the light covered everything in a glowing halo of orange, and we smiled as a trail of horses trotted by. It was a sight that Jeremy is used to, and one I could never get enough of. When I think of my Arizona home, I think of everything we saw and experienced during our session. I think of the rolling mountains, the massive cactus bunches, and the spotted mules that tread across the river. And now I’ll always think of these two. How they were so sweet and natural for the camera, loving each other as if there was no one else around for miles (which was technically true)! There was a moment when he brushed her blonde curls back to give her a kiss, and it was so tender and beautiful to witness. How lucky am I that I got to be a small part of a moment like that? Sara and Jeremy, I’m so incredibly happy for you and what lies ahead! I’m so excited that you’ll always treasure the desert like I do, and I know your wedding will be absolutely magical. Cheers friends!

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The Gear Used for This Shoot…

Kelly Moore Songbird 

Cameras & Accessories
Canon 5D Mark III (2) • BlackRapid Camera Strap

Canon 50 1.2 • Canon 100 2.8 • Canon 70-200 2.8

Lens Accessories
Canon 67mm Filter • Canon 72mm Filter • Canon 77mm Filter

Lighting Essentials (Natural Light)
ExpoDisc 82mm White Balance Filter

Memory Cards
Sandisk 32GB CF Card • SanDisk 32GB SD Card

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