Carissa & Roy’s Grand Canyon Anniversary

As the dark, gray clouds rolled in and rain spat angrily at my car window, my heart sank. I thought frantically to myself, “We came all this way, and we have to make this work.” And I prayed, and hoped that the sky would hold its showers just long enough to shoot. As I drove up the curving path, the clouds began to break, and the sun beamed through as a smile grew across my face. I stepped out of my car, felt the warmth on my face as a breeze blew through the trees, and I though that the moment couldn’t be any more perfect. Until I met Roy and Carissa.

Carissa is also a wedding photographer, and photographing others in the industry can be pretty daunting, and I feel as though sometimes in those cases I try to seek perfection the entire time. With her, I never felt that way even once, and she was so warm and open to ideas, even giving me some of her tricks of the trade! Roy used to be a model, so between the two of them, my job was easier than it’s ever been before! These two had traveled to the Grand Canyon from their home of Pennsylvania to capture this exciting time in their lives; there wedding anniversary. Seeing couples thrive together past their wedding day is such a treat for me, and it’s a different side of the wedding spectrum that just makes my heart soar! The excitement and anticipation leading up to a wedding is magical to capture, but when couples hold the same passion and excitement after the big day? There’s nothing quite like it.

We met up at the trailhead overlooking the edge of the canyon, her blue dress fluttering in the breeze as she walked up. We excitedly hugged and headed down the trail (dodging burro “presents”  every few steps) while we carefully stepped along the edge of the canyon wall. We found an incredible archway will sun spilling through, so naturally that was out first stop on our mini hike! Between avoiding other hikers and hearing Roy and Carissa’s sweet love story, time flew by and it was evening before we knew it. We found ourselves at the top of the pathway, overlooking the pink and purple cliffs that seem to etch through the scenic view forever. Carissa walked with her flowing dress in hand, while Roy held her close around her waist. There were few moments where these two weren’t touching; either their hands were intertwined or his fingers brushing the small of her back… It was pure magic. To celebrate  their special wedding anniversary in one of the most breath-taking places in the world was a privilege that I will never forget. And how we found each other, traveling here from states away, I truly feel so blessed to have been chosen for this wonderful remembrance of their love. Carissa and Roy, I’m so incredibly blessed to have stood on the edge with you, and I can’t wait to see the beauty that your marriage will bring to your lives. Your love is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing more grand to witness.




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