Brett & Maggie’s Sunlit Desert Engagement

The sun flooded through the desert trees, creating a golden halo around everything it touched. As she ran her fingers through her hair, curls glowing in the light, his eyes were locked on her. A smile couldn’t be contained in the corners of his mouth as she swayed back in forth with her white skirt in one hand. I caught a glimpse of his gaze over my shoulder, and thought to myself, “Even from across the world, these two found each other.” A love that spanned across the oceans, meaning far more than being at the right place at the right time.

It’s clear to see why it was so easy to fall in love with these two on the outside, but what really stuck with me was the genuine kindness that Maggie and Brett share for those around them. From the moment they walked up to me in the parking lot (as I squealed at their outfits), I knew this was going to be one for the books! Their story is so romantic, meeting in Cape Town, Africa, where he was born and raised. This session was an engagement of sorts, seeing as they are already married to live in the states, but I saw it more as a celebration of their sweet love. Their gorgeous wedding will take place in Africa, and I can only imagine the beauty that will surround them that day! If it’s anything compared to our session, then I just know it will be unreal!

We climbed up the rocky steps of the Hole in the Rock trail, infamous in Arizona for it’s pinkish red composition, and shot around the gorgeous site while keeping cool in the shade. And can I just say, these two were rockstars in the 108 degree heat, and by looking you would never know that it was a sweltering Arizona day. They. Were. Models. And I wish I could say I rocked it out like them… Word to the wise, drink water from morning until night in the summer here everyone! Heat exhaustion is no joke! Thankfully, they were the dream couple, and Brett ran to the car to bring me water amidst almost passing out, and they were a more genuinely caring couple that I could have ever asked for. We even ended the session with his guitar in hand, and it brought such a unique, intimate quality to those images with the sun fading behind the mountains. I am SO thankful I was blessed enough to capture this chapter in their beautiful love story, and I can’t wait to keep reading. Here’s to a bright future, and a very happy ending.

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