James & Megan’s Soft Arizona Desert Engagement

The sun was sinking lower behind the rocky cliffs, blanketing the mountains in a soft pink glow. The branches of every tree danced in the breeze as the yellow of Spring diffused their leaves into a light velvety green. As they walked, their toes kicked up the peach colored dust beneath their feet, and with her hand in his, he pulled her in tighter. Their cheeks touched as they closed their eyes and laughed as they tried to keep their balance on the gravel below. It was if no one else in the world existed on this quiet sliver of solitude; in the shade of the desert hills amidst a bustling city, they were in their own version of paradise. And then, we heard the voices of their little ones coming over the hill, and this beautiful place instantly became even more enchanting.

Megan and James are the type of people who exude such a genuine warmth, and it’s impossible not to smile around them. Especially when their children are near! So you can imagine my excitement when I found out our engagement session for two would combine into a family session of five. And oh, how I’ve miss capturing little ones! Their giggles, their bright, beautiful eyes, it’s intoxicating and I was so grateful for this experience. I will forever cherish freezing these fleeting moments in time for this sweet family, because I know that the next time I see them, their three babies will have changed drastically. And I am counting down the days until their destination desert wedding with the talented ladies at Some Like It Classic, and to see their beautiful smiles again in person. Megan and James, you are my people! Never lose the way your eyelashes brush one another’s cheeks when you’re faces are close, and the way you hold your little ones so tight. I have been so incredibly blessed to have you in my lives, and your love in so inspiring! I know you will continue to admire each other as time goes by, even when your littles are not so little anymore. And I can’t wait to witness your love flourish throughout the years!


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