Shawn & Cassie’s Lavender and Rose Wedding

She was wearing a sparkly dress, ready to ring in the New Year.

She thought that in this moment, she had everything she needed for her life to be complete. Surrounded good friends, loving family, and an amazing boyfriend, her heart was oh so happy. Little did she know it was about to get much, much happier. Cassie and Shawn sipped on drinks near the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, smiling and laughing with those around them, though it seemed as if they were the only two in the room. It was then that he took her by the hand, outside into the chilly night, and the door shut behind them and sealed the sounds of the party inside behind it. In the quietness of the evening, he held her hands in his and told her how much he loved her. She began to realize just what was happening, and as he pulled out a dazzling ring, all she could see was his face. This was not only the most incredible beginning to the new year, but to this new chapter in their lives. Cue the fireworks!

Fast forward to September, and she was wearing a different sparkly dress, the white one she’d been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. She pushed open the door in front of her as the bright light flooded the room. She took a deep breath and slowly placed one glittering heel in front of the other; just seeing the back of his head gave her the comfort she’d been longing for all day. He stood and faced the other way, listening to the sound of the door swinging open, to her shoes clacking on the pavement, and a smile grew in the corners of his mouth. He turned around slowly, and a full smile emerged as his eyebrows lifted to see a more beautiful sight than he’d ever seen before. They both laughed as they stepped closer, and the moment they touched, tears began to glass over in their eyes. They silently held each other, only breaking their embrace to wipe her eyes and laugh as they let this moment wash over them. As they hugged, she mistakenly wiped a bit of her makeup off onto his tie, but it didn’t matter. Nothing else in the world did. And for this moment, time stood still, and the day was theirs alone.

Shawn and Cassie’s entire day could not have run more smoothly or been more beautiful than it was. I have known Cassie for the majority of my life, having grown up dancing together at the same studio. From Saturday ballet rehearsals to auditions and sleepovers, we share some of the best childhood memories together! And throughout the whole day, I teared up multiple times, remembering where we were then and where we are now. There was nothing sweeter than watching her dance with her father on her wedding day, after performing next to her in countless Daddy/daughter dances with our fathers when we were young. I even got to snag a dance with her and oh how those days came flooding back! I’m so incredibly happy she has found her perfect match in someone as loving, protecting, and sweet as Shawn, and they deserve all the happiness in the world! I can’t wait to watch them thrive through life together, always dancing with some type of sparkly dress in the mix 😉 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith, may your marriage be as dazzling as your big day!




The Wedding Team

Wedding Coordination: Jenna with SoHo63

Bride’s Gown: Lillian Lottie Couture

Bride’s Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal

Bride and Groom’s Rings: Shane Co

Getting Ready Location: The Hilton Phoenix Chandler

Ceremony Location: SoHo63

Reception Location: SoH 63

Cake Design: Piece of Cake

Floral Design: Flowers By Jodi

Rentals: SoHo 63

Catering: Atlasta

Groom’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Groom’s Shoes: Men’s Warehouse

Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Hair Stylist: Autumn’s Hair Studio

Makeup Artist: Artistry by Azure

Officiant: Uncle of the Groom

DJ: Desert House Productions

Photography: Karlee K Photography

Videography: Something New Media

Photo Booth: Snapbooth Entertainment

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The Gear Used for This Wedding…

Kelly Moore Songbird • ThinkTank Airport Security V2.0

Cameras & Accessories
Canon 5D Mark III (2) • BlackRapid Camera Strap

Flashes & On-Flash Modifiers
Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT (2) •  Canon Speedlite 430EX II • Rogue FlashBender 2

Canon 50 1.2 • Canon 100 2.8 • Canon 24-70 2.8 • Canon 70-200 2.8

Lens Accessories
Canon 67mm Filter • Canon 72mm Filter • Canon 77mm Filter

Lighting Essentials (Natural Light)
ExpoDisc 82mm White Balance Filter

Memory Cards
SanDisk 64GB CF Card • SanDisk 64GB SD Card • Sandisk 32GB CF Card • SanDisk 32GB SD Card

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