Joseph & Adrianna’s Dreamy Desert Engagement

The sun hid behind fluffy, purple clouds while the breeze fluttered through her soft, blush dress. We walked carefully through the path, her champagne-colored heels sinking with every step, holding his hand tight. They turned to face me, the red cliffs standing tall behind them, and I sighed with gratitude as our session had been so wonderful. But this sight of Joseph and Adrianna with the dark clouds carrying a dust storm behind them was magic, and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end our engagement session in the Arizona red rocks. They kissed and giggled as they held each other close, dipping her so her dark hair hung off her shoulders, taking in the last moments of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. These exciting times when she still isn’t used to wearing a ring on that finger, and they plan the beginning of the rest of their lives together..

Joseph and Adrianna are the sweetest, dreamiest couple a photographer could ever ask for, and I was so blessed to shoot their engagement session on one of the coolest day of the month (a huge rarity in our state)! I can’t wait for their romantic, timeless day next year, and I’ll love watching all the wonderful details fall into place! If it’s anything like our time together in the desert, I just know it’s going to enchanting! Congratulations lovebirds, cheers to more adventures ahead!



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