Justin & Claire’s Champagne Brunch Wedding

It was as if no one else was around.

The music started, and they began to sway, true to traditional first-dance form. This was the first time they would do anything together as husband and wife, and I could tell Justin had realized this long before this day arrived. This was what they had been waiting for. As a family member held their little girl, her head on his shoulder and her finger in her mouth, they swayed on the dance floor that seemed to be worlds away. The song Slow Dancing in a Burning Room popped into my mind because for all they knew, the world could have been crumbling around them, and nothing could take away this euphoria. Claire wrapped her arms around his neck, and he kept whispering in her ear and making her giggle as they held each other closer. Tears started to glaze her blue eyes like glass, and he wiped them away before they could reach the base of her cheeks. I turned around to see everyone quiet, heads tilted and smiling, as if remembering their first dances at their own weddings, or hoping that one day theirs would compare to this. My second shooter’s eyes were filled with tears and she mouthed, “Oh my gosh” and I smiled bigger than I had the entire morning. It was the beginning of their new happily ever after, and everyone could feel it.

I am constantly in awe of the moments I get to be a part of in my career. These raw, personal, heaven-sent moments that my couples will remember for the rest of their lives. Sometimes I feel as though I’m watching these things occur in a movie, and I don’t want to look away for even a second. In this case, I wasn’t the only one who got to witness this brief jewel in time. I think I could speak for everyone there when I say; thank you Justin and Claire for showing us all this memorable instant that will forever remind us how beautiful marriage can be. Never stop loving each other so tenderly, and never stop dancing as if no one is watching.

The Wedding Team

Venue: The Antique Wedding House

Wedding Bands: Ben Bridge

Bride’s Gown: Belaire Bridal

Groom’s Suit: Nick’s Menswear

Photography: Karlee K Photography

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