Cj & Lydia’s Orange Grove Engagement

I will never know what he whispered in her ear at that moment.

The entire grove was empty, say for a cat and the bugs we could hear buzzing throughout the trees. All you could smell was spring grass and fermenting oranges, and the overgrowth of the land took us far from the Arizona sun and desert. CJ grabbed Lydia close, pressed his nose to her cheek, and told her something ever so quietly. It could have been something sweet, funny, or even inappropriate; all I know is it made her laugh with the deepest veneration. Everything he said did. And he adores his future bride with an undeniable love that shows in every image I captured.

From the moment I heard their love story in Starbucks, I knew that their session would be full of laughter. When Lydia got out of the car, we had our hair styled exactly the same way, #twinning! When I opened my camera bag, CJ commented on my 70-200 lens, saying how it was an amazing piece of glass, and I smiled at him wide-eyed like two people who found out they have the same favorite movie. My inner nerd was beaming.

Another similarity we shared was the fact that I’ve been blessed enough to find a love like CJ and Lydia. That is something so rare, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to this couple. These two exude a contagious joy, and I am counting down the days until their wedding!

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