Sam & Connor’s Classic Arizona Engagement

They walked with their toes sinking in the white sand, the breeze blowing through her dark hair as their fingers laced together. They looked at each other and smiled catching one another’s gaze with their sweet puppy prancing in front of their feet. The Oregon seaside was especially beautiful that day; maybe it was because the billowed clouds and the green tree line that surrounded the beach, or maybe it was because they were seeing the world through rose colored lenses. Love does that people, in the best way possible. So you can imagine her excitement when he knelt on his knee and asked her to spend the rest of his life with him, clutching a beautiful diamond that slid on her finger as if it was made for her. They had never been happier, and their excitement only grew as they were greeted by anxiously awaiting family members at a nearby beach house. It was better than a dream, and one that they will never have to awaken from.

The moment I met Sam and Connor, I knew that these two were my people. They are not only a beautiful couple on the outside, but they’re equally kind on the inside, and that matters to me more than anything. Their smiles emulate through their cheeks when they hold each other, and the way he looks at her so lovingly gives me butterflies! I didn’t want our session to end, especially since they brought their sweet puppy… I am so blessed to be able to capture these unforgettable moments in their lives, and so elated that I get to share their excitement for their destination desert wedding. From rainy Oregon to sunny Phoenix, it’s already seemed like such an adventure planning their Marsala and gold day! I’m so grateful that even from miles away, we were brought together and they were willing to hop on a plane just hours after our shoot. Talk about commitment! Sam and Connor, never, ever change. Never lose the way you catch a glimpse of the other’s eyes, and smile without even realizing it. I know one day you’ll be doing the same when your hair is grey and your laugh lines around your eyes will exist because of each other. Because every line tells a story, and yours is just beginning.

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