Ryan & Jaci’s Autumn Cottonwood Engagement

The yellow branches brushed the blanket of greenery beaneath them, almost as tenderly as he lifted her face to his, pulling her in closer. All that could be heard was the wind whistleing through the trees, and the occasional thud of hooves as a cow strolled across the soft grass. How could it be, that just a couple hours ago, I was at home in my office, sifting through emails, when I was now here, in this little slice of heaven? I love that about Arizona. How you can look out your window to see flat desert and cacti for miles, then drive up to the mountains in the same day to be surrounded by lush forrests and breathtaking pink cliffs. But the golden meadow, the soft trickling of the creek, they were nothing compared to the beauty of the love these two share for each other. And as we explored through the tall grass with our boots squishing in the mud, I sighed, knowing that it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ryan and Jaci are two of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met, and they are addicting to be around. Not to mention the have two (giant) fur babies who I wanted to take home with me! Ryan grew up in Cottonwood and it’s where he and Jaci have made their home, so it was perfectly fitting that we captured this chapter in their story in their small town. I loved every minute of their session on this incredible farm, with its rolling hills and a vintage truck that still had chipped traces of minty teal paint. SWOON! As we stepped through tall grass, laughing about the gray cat that was following us, we discovered the inside of the wooden barn that held hay bails up to the ceiling! We just had to snag a couple shots inside the fence, and I’m so glad we did! We finished our session in the glowy sunset, realizing how cold it gets here when the sun starts to hide. Something I’m not used to in the Valley! Ryan and Jaci, I loved adventuring around your chilly town with you while chasing kittens and avoiding cow pies like land mines… Through laughter and breathtaking instances, I came to become more and more thankful for you and your friendship, and I’m so glad we were able to share this enchanting evening. Because nothing safe is worth the drive, and you two made every moment unforgettable.

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