Bill & Sarah’s Modern Scottsdale Anniversary

“Almost 7 years ago, Bill and I met online – before online dating became mostly weird and gross – and on our first date I remember thinking he was the most handsome man I’d met in real life. I still think that. Aside from being the most handsome man in real life, he’s also a good dancer, a skilled breakfast sandwich maker, and everyone who meets him wants to be his friend – even cats, who you probably know usually hate everyone at first. He makes people feel calm, and he quiets something in my restless little heart that’s like a frantic bird, except for when I’m in his arms. He is my best friend.”

Que the tissues. And the crying emojis, followed by the heart-eye emojis. These two are seriously too cute! The entire time during their session I kept beginning to pose them, then, as if they knew what I was going to say next, they fell into the next pose so naturally. Maybe it’s because Sarah is also a photographer, so her posing game is way stronger out of the gate. Or maybe it’s because these two love each other so effortlessly, and the way they fit perfectly into each others arms gave their session an authenticity that can’t be taught. And it’s spellbinding to witness. I’m so thankful that Sarah chose me to capture her and Bill’s story, not to mention they made my job incredibly easy… Bill and Sarah: I’m so in love with your love! Never stop recognizing the little things that make up the big why; why you are lucky enough to spend your days with this person who was made for you, because it’s the little things that matter. There truly is magic in their simplicity.

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