Kevin & Sarah’s Chilly Scottsdale Engagement

These two live to serve others, and to love each other.

He served our country in the past as a Marine, and in the present as a police officer, while she gives back as a nurse. These two devote their lives to protect those of others, and there is nothing more admirable than their commitment not only to the people they don’t know, but to each other. Because they know when they come home after a long day at work, the other will always be there, and their is nothing more comforting and beautiful than that.

I compltetely believe that Kevin and Sarah have been placed in my life for a reason, because the odds were stacked against us to work together for their wedding experience. They had already chosen another photographer before they knew I even exsisted, and they though their day was set. But through a twist of fate, (and some craziness) we were brought together, and I couldn’t be more happy that we were! These two are so incredibly sweet, and their love for their puppychildren makes me seem a little less crazy in my obsession with my own furbabies… I’m pretty sure all our our slobbery “kids” would be great friends! After shooting a couple photos with their pups in their blue bow ties, we excitedly began their engagements, and I was giggling the entire time! These two were naturals, and Sarah had the “smizing” down to a science! As we explored around the mountain and raced to grab the last traces of light, we laughed and took in every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Kevin and Sarah, I’m so elated that we found each other and I can’t wait for your amazing wedding next year. Keep supporting each other as wonderfully as you do, and giving everything you have to your amazing relationship and your selfless service to others. Because there is nothing more special in the world than pouring into others, and I thank you so much for reminding me.

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