Zach & Natalie’s Winter Woods Engagement

She looked at the camera, thinking that the snap of the shutter was just another picture. She could not have been more wrong.

She turned around and gasped, covering her mouth in disbelief, as if she couldn’t wait one moment longer to say the only word he wanted to hear. Because when she spun back toward him, instead of meeting her gaze at eye level, she looked down to find him on one knee, with a small velvet box in his hands. She held his face in her two hands, tears filling her blue eyes, and kissed her fiancé for the first time under this new title, and they had never felt a more indescribable joy in their entire lives. And so began their happily ever after.

Zach had planned out his proposal to Natalie with photographer Jamie Allio to disguise the session as stylish, “love” photo shoot. Little did she know, he had spoken to the photographer about surprising Natalie in the middle of the session, forever capturing the moment their lives would change forever. It was the perfect way to remember the look on their faces when he asked her to be his wife, and that’s something they will cherish forever. How incredible to have photos of the biggest moments in their lives that they can replay before their eyes whenever they want, even when their hair is gray and they’re scanning their photos through thick glasses. I’m so thankful that these two gave me the privilege of telling a part of their story, and becoming their friend. They are an incredibly caring couple, not to mention they are a fierce duo in front of the camera! Believe me, it was so hard not to post 50 photos of Zach’s smolder and Natalie’s piercing modelesque gaze, but I love how their authentic joy emulated through so many of their photos, even if they didn’t mean for it to. She beams when he’s holding her in his arms, and he does so as if she’s a delicate flower, gazing at his angel with curly blonde hair and a sweet smile. It’s something so rare that just can’t be hidden, and I’m so glad it wasn’t. Zach and Natalie, I can’t wait for you wedding in the pines next  year, and to capture more sacred pieces of your story. You two are enchanting to be around, and always remember, even when everything sucks, you will always have each other. 😉

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