Leland & Mindy’s Classic Grove Engagement

She cupped his face in her trembling hands as the wind blew through her hair, brushing her rosy cheeks as tears escaped her eyes. In that moment, as he knelt before her with a dazzling diamond catching the last rays of light within it’s small velvet box, all she could see was his face. This breath-taking ring glimmered up at her, demanding her attention, but she treasured him more than anything in the world, so her eyes were locked on his. The boat’s gentle rocking in the waves wasn’t the only thing causing her to feel weak on her feet, and as she wiped her eyes, she enthusiastically agreed to spend the rest of her days in his arms. Yes! The word couldn’t escape her lips fast enough, and just after they shared their first kiss as an engaged couple, and the sun faded behind the trees. Que the pop and fizz of the champagne!

On November 12, 2015, I had the privilege of capturing the beginning of Leland and Mindy’s love story. Their engagement session was an absolute dream, and their natural affection for one another was intoxicating. And on November 12, 2016, I will have the honor of capturing another chapter in their journey, their wedding. When I met Mindy in 2005, we both had braces and we were little Sophomores on the Corona del Sol Junior Varsity Cheer Squad. A year later, we also shared our experience in Choir together, and became such great friends who share so many hilarious high school memories together. From goofing off on the field at football games, to making it to the Arizona All Sate show Choir together (nerd alert!), I value Mindy as a long-time friend, and as one of my truly special brides. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to to have someone in my life who is both! She has found an amazing partner in Leland, who looks at her as if she doesn’t know how beautiful she is, and treasures her in every way possible. The way they love each other is so inspiring, and I can’t wait to witness their big day unfold next year. Congratulations you two, and promise to continue to envelope each other in your dazzling love, because it truly is more precious than all the diamonds in the world.

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