Nate & Cierra’s Dreamy Riverbed Engagement

The water was so still it mirrored the green trees of the shore line like a painting, distorting the reflection just enough to make is seem more whimsical than real life. The crisp Wisconsin air nipped at their noses on the end of the wooden dock, and singing birds and the click of a photographer’s shutter were the only sounds that could be heard in all the stillness that surrounded them. He was surprised she couldn’t hear his heart pounding in his chest. Her family anxiously watched from behind the photographer as it was Nate and Cierra’s turn to have their picture taken together during this family photo session. He took her hands, and bent down on one knee as her eyes grew wide. He reached into his sock where a small box was concealed, and inside was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen. She cupped her hands over her mouth as her eyes filled with tears, still in shock that this was all real. She had never felt more grateful or overflowing with joy in her entire life, and they held each other so tight as her family celebrated. It was a picture perfect sight to behold.

Fast forward to our engagement session at the Salt River, and they felt the same joy and thankfulness that they did on that life-changing day. It was completely appropriate that we shot their photos around the river (and a little bit in it) after he had asked her to be his wife in front of an equally beautiful one. And I have come to find out that I absolutely adore these two! They were so willing to literally get their feet wet and climb over rocks and sit in the mud, just to get some incredible shots. #worthit. I also decided that they should be models and kept reminding them how beautiful their kids will be someday! I mean, look at these two! And if that wasn’t enough, the way that her looked at her gave me chills, brushing her hair out of her face and telling her how pretty she looked. Sigh. I never wanted this day to end, and it flew by just as soon as it began. Nate and Cierra, I can’t wait for your dreamy Sedona wedding this year, and I know your love will always be greater than the mountains are high and the river is deep. Ok, that was cheesy. But honestly, I love you two as a couple, and I can’t wait to see what your future holds!

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