Rosie & Michael’s Glowing Arizona Engagement

The lights of the castle had just begun to twinkle as the day faded into darkness at the happiest place on Earth. They had spent the most incredible day together, bundled up sipping from Disney Parks Starbucks cups while taking in all the intoxicating sights and sounds. He lead her in front of the water where the twinkling icicles reflected on the glassy surface, shimmering in the cold night air almost as much as the diamond he kept in his pocket. She finally noticed that she wasn’t surrounded by strangers, but family, and looked at him with wide eyes as he dropped to one knee. Her hand covered her mouth as she realized what was truly happening, and that it was all real, and all for her. It was pure magic, capping of an incedible day and beginning an enchanting fairytale. Now I love a good proposal story as much as the next romantic, but set it in Disneyland and I’m crying. Almost instantly.

Fast forward to our dreamy engagement session in the desert, the evening sun cascading through the trees onto the green moss that blanketed the desert floor. Golden bursts of light danced on our backs as we walked through the quiet field, Michael holding tight to Rosie as her tall shoes sank in the sand. We laughed as we made our way through prickly bushes and sandy revines, and in the end, it was well worth the trouble. And look how these two glow when they’re together! The ratiating light only amplified the true bliss that was being in each other’s arms, and it was truely as magical as the night she said “Yes.” I am so blessed to have met these two, as their sweet kind-heartedness perfectly matches the outer beauty together. Pure magic. I cannot wait to witness them say their vows this year, and I know for the them, in that moment, there will be no happier place on Earth.

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