John & Christine’s Glamorous Downtown Engagement

It was the place where they met.

The place where they chatted close together in hushed voices as she beamed in a way that only a best friend can evoke. It was here that they sipped on cold cocktails, never knowing that a work-related meeting could turn into so much more. The same place that brought us back for their engagement session, with deep red wallpaper and a 1950’s charm that exuded an intimate elegance. As we captured these special moments, he sipped his gin and tonic, and she a martini with bleu cheese olives, and I couldn’t help but smile. Because places can hold such importance, and just the sound of a drink being stirred in a silver tin can bring back a memory of this day, dressed to the nines, celebrating their love.

John and Christine came to me with the thought of capturing a part of their session at Durant’s, and I was instantly excited as I had no idea what to expect. The swanky deep burgundy booths and the faint smell of cigars carried in the air mixed with the rich aroma of delicious fine dining. The clinking of glasses and the soft laughter was intoxicating, and I will be the first to admit that these two have style. I even grabbed a few shots of John puffing his cigar, and it was so refreshing to witness a couple fully enjoy themselves during their session, without worrying about time. They lived in every moment as if they didn’t know when their next would be, and I truly adore them for it! We then traveled deeper into the heart of Downtown Phoenix for the second half of our session, cracking up as John posed for every test shot in a different, hilarious way. This whole experience with them has been so unlike anything I’ve ever done, and I had the time of my life! Their wedding is next week, and I could not be more elated to capture their equally luxurious soirée, with a smile so big my cheeks will be sore. Congratulations John and Christine, cheers to your love and laughter!

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