Kim & Mitch’s Colorful Desert Engagement

Who would have thought, that the same place he asked her to be his wife, would be the same place she would become his wife? There, at the same golf course where he got down on one knee, they will say their wedding vows and begin their happily ever after. It sounds like a dream come true, and that’s exactly what these two are to me. They give this dream of mine life, and in the most fulfilling way possible. My wish to capture love stories as beautiful as theirs, with hearts as genuinely sweet as theirs. It’s all I could ever ask for and more. Not to mention they look like models and Kim has mermaid hair, a fact I tell her every time we see each other because I’m oh so jealous! But anyways, back to their sun-filled engagement session…

I fall in love with the desert more and more every time I shoot there, and this was no exception. There’s something about those soft pinks. The deep purples and greens. Sigh. The glowing beauty of the Arizona desert can become easy to forget because of our harsh temperatures and prickly plants, but oh my goodness, when paired with a beautiful couple, the desert is breathtaking. We walked around while chasing light and gravitating toward the yellow  flowers that dappled the mountain side. As we climbed up the rocky slopes, I stopped them every few squealing, ‘Stop! This is perfect! YOU’RE perfect!’ and I snapped them falling into yet another adorable pose. As the sun sank lower behind the horizon, it dusted the mountains in an orange and pink glow, and it took everything in my not to stop and stare. And posing Kim and Mitch in front of this beauty was just icing on the cake! They brought out a bottle of champagne, and we popped it (nailing it on the only shot we had, nice Mitch) and they sipped and bubbles tickled their noses. How is this real life?? I had such an amazing time adventuring around with these two, and I’ve fallen so in love with their love. The way they giggled every time their cheeks touched, and he brushed her hair back from her face to look into her blue eyes. The way they laugh and their joy spills out of their cheeks, giving their eyes a sparkle that only a love like theirs could produce. I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be there for these incredible moments with them, and their friendship already means so much to me. So cheers to a happy engagement, and an even more blissful marriage! Pop, fizz, clink!

kim-mitch-engaged-march16_17327 _1954

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