Steve & Jessica’s Peachy Spring Wedding

She held onto the leash tight as her little dog excitedly pulled ahead of the trail, panting with his tail wagging as they headed up the rocky slope. Steve lingered behind, heart pounding, waiting for the right moment to change their lives forever. How do you decide when the moment is right to ask someone to spend forever with you? They stopped in the shade of the canyon wall, little Paco’s dog tags clinking and he leaped from rock to rock as they sat down on the cool boulders for a break. She didn’t notice anything different about their hike, so she sat and chatted as he planned his next move. He brought to her attention a small blue dog tag, and she shrugged and smiled until she noticed what was enscripted in bold white letters. “WILL YOU MARRY ME” followed by “3.14.15.” A smile grew across her face as she noticed that Steve was bent on one knee, with a small square box in his hand. She didn’t think she could smile any bigger or laugh any more blissfully until that moment, and they held each other as their love story took a turn for the better. Steve pulled out a black puppy bow tie and made the celebration official!

Just a couple short months later and we found ourselves fastening a little black bow tie once again on Paco, and one to match on Steve. As he straightened his tie and fastened his cufflinks, it all became so real. He stood with his hands folded in front of him, looking at the grass with a smile exuding from his cheeks. He absolutely couldn’t wait to see her. If he could have seen her first thing in the morning, he would have done it. He turned over his right shoulder and fixed his eyes on the lush archway amidst a wall of greenery. One boot stepped out onto the grass, followed by its pair, barely hidden beneath her white flowing dress. She peeked her head around the corner and caught his gaze with a bigger smile than she’s ever known, followed by a gasp of relief and happy tears. It was a moment that neither of them will ever forget, seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, feeling more bliss than they ever thought was humanly possible. It was something that I will never forget as well, and it took my breath away.

Steve and Jessica’s wedding was filled with little details that held so much meaning, and were so special to so many people who were there in person, and who were there in spirit. Her gown was custom-made by a family member on the same sewing machine that her grandmother’s dress was made on. Almost every member of the wedding party had a small photo of a late loved on their flowers, corsages, and boutonniers. It was such a memorable occasion for everyone in attendance, and I was so lucky to witness it. I am so grateful to have met Steve so many years ago at my serving job, because it brought me to this amazing day, and it’s one I will always treasure. Almost as much as their friendship! Steve and Jessica, never stop smiling when you feel the other close by, and never change in your affection for one another. It’s absolutely enchanting, and I am so in love with your love. So cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

The Wedding Team

Bride’s Gown: Custom by Karen Ferguson

Ring Design: The Shane Company

Bridesmaid Dresses: Various Locations

Ceremony and Reception Location: Private Residence

Dessert Design: Caketini

Floral Design: La Paloma Blanca Floral Designs

Invitation Design: DIY Fabulous

Catering: Charleston’s Restaurant

Groom’s Suit: Rose Tuxedo

Groomsmen Suits: Rose Tuxedo

Bride’s Shoes: Old Gringo Boots

Hair Stylist: Brittany Nicholas

Officiant: Neil Watson

Barrel Rentals: Tremaine Ranch

Photographers: Karlee K Photography

DJ: Matt Miranda

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