Joe & Caitlyn’s Red Rock Engagement

They sat beneath the cool cover of the trees, lights twinkling above them in the brisk evening air. They talked and smiled in the dim glow of the romantic ambiance, a bouqet of roses on the table in front of them. She thought that surprise was the sweetest one she would get that night, and she could not have been more wrong. The buzz of other romantic conversations hummed around them as their hearts fluttered knowing that this night was already so special. And there, in the beautiful farm surrounded by greenery, he got down on his knee and told her how much he loved her. Through tears they held each other, more joyful than they could have ever imagined possible. The thought of spending the rest of their lives together was indescribable and it’s one that hasn’t left their minds since.

That amazing night brought us to their equally amazing engagement session, where I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful couple in the breath-taking Hole in the Rock in Scottsdale. We hiked up the rocky steps, talking about wedding plans while multiple hiker complimented Caitlyn’s gorgeous dress. I was on of them, because come on, she looked like a goddess! We stopped in the shade of the red rocks and they fell into each pose so effortlessly, and we were shooting advanced poses within the first 15 minutes! My jaw was on the floor, and I am so grateful to be taking care of this beautiful, eaqually sweet couple. We ended our session by stepping through the actual hole in the cliff that overlooks Phoenix in the most spectacular way, especially at sunset. These two rocked their final poses, on a cliff, with about 20 witnesses as if they were the only two in the world. SWOON. I am so incredibly excited for their dreamy wedding and I just wish the day would come sooner! Joe and Caitee, never lose the way you hold each other as if it could be the last time, with eyes closed so tight and smiles in the corners of your cheeks. Because you will be doing the same in 50 years from now, and I know the moments like these will be even sweeter.

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