Kendall & Taylor’s Peach Grove Engagement

These two.

The light. The white picket fence. Can somebody pinch me please? As I pulled up to the beautiful ranch, my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe that this little pocket of green fields and willows that tunneled the street was in Arizona. Just 15 minutes off of the I-10! I saw Taylor making her way down the driveway with her blonde hair dancing in the breeze and a huge smile on her face. But her excitement in seeing me was nothing compared to the smile that spread across her cheeks when introducing me to Kendall. He is truly her best friend and love of her life, and he is completely enamored with her. As we began she even joked how he was intimidated by her when they first started talking a few years ago. He rolled his eyes and laughed, remembering the days when their love was just beginning.

As we adventured around the yard of the house (that belongs to their close friend) I kept yelling, “Stop right there! This light is perfect! You are perfect! Ah!!” There were just so many beautiful places to capture their love around the property; I kept freaking out and they probably think I’m crazy… So worth it. The home owners had a beautiful door that they crafted as an altar for their daughter’s wedding, and they were sweet enough to let us borrow it for our session. Between those white doors, Taylor’s incredible peach engagement ring/beautiful smile, and Kendall’s ice-blue eyes, this day is one that I will never forget. I can’t even imagine what their wedding day will be like. Congratulations Kendall and Taylor, you are a match made in Heaven and I’m so happy for you two! You’re big day cannot come soon enough!

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