Matthew & Ashley’s White Lace Engagement

She loves flowing dresses and chandeliers hanging from trees. And he loves her.

Matthew knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ashley, and he was searching for the perfect way to ask her to be his bride. She had always mentioned that she loved the rustic elegance of a sparkly chandelier hanging from a tree branch, and he had never really understood why. He just thought it may be a pretty wedding decoration, and nothing more. He had coordinated with a photographer to ask Ashley if she and Matthew could help pose for some promotional photos for a new venue, The Elegant Barn. Little did Ashley know, he had been planning to propose while this secret session was happening! When Matthew was scouting the venue, he kept thinking how much Ashley would love the wood barn and the picturesque trees. Then, he saw it. Hanging from the wooden altar at the end of the isle was a glistening crystal chandelier. This is where he would ask her to be his wife. And he did.

Matthew and Ashley are some of the most adoring, genuine people I have ever met. They care so deeply for each other, and you can tell in every photo they shared throughout this session. Through my excited fast-talking and yelling, “Oh my gosh! You guys are perfect! Seriously??” they laughed and got excited with me, and I know we are going to stay friends even after their December wedding. Congratulations Matthew and Ashley, I know your love story is one that I will never forget.

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