James & Kylie’s Cozy Riverside Engagement

There’s nothing quite like sharing a sweet kiss over a cup of coffee, especially when holding that cup of aromatic goodness gives you butterflies, and not just from the burst of caffeine. James and Kylie’s love story keeps reverting back to the same place, and it’s a place they can visit any time they wish to sip on some chocolatey delight, or simply remember the life-changing moments they’ve experienced with the smell of coffee grounds dancing through the air. Starbucks. They met there, he proposed outside of one, and that’s where I was introduced these two, changing my life and theirs forever. As Taylor Swift would say, these “Starbucks Lovers” take sentiment and romance to the next level!

When James made the unforgettable gesture of proposing, he guided Kylie through a thoughtful scavenger hunt, ending outside of their special place with his beloved dog, Loki, waiting for her. Since Loki is basically their child, around his neck was a teal decorated sign, asking Kylie to officially be his mom… I know. So cute! The dog lover inside of me about fell over when I saw his sweet little face for the first time, and when they decided it was only fitting to include him in their photos, I squealed with excitement! He was SO elated to explore around the river bed, chasing his ball at 100 miles an hour while we all laughed and tried to make sure he was close by. That little guy is a bullet! Combining their sweet pup and their genuinely kind personalities made for an incredible session, and I truly cannot wait for their wedding! Congratulations James and Kylie, I’m so extremely happy to have you in my life and that you’ve found the Java Chip Frap to your Mocha!

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