CJ & Lydia’s Plum and Champagne Wedding

The twinkling lights above swayed in the breeze of the cool night as soon as he offered his hand to her. As her feet glided across the floor to meet up with his, they pressed their foreheads together and smiled bigger than they ever had before. She wrapped her arms around his neck as the music began to softly serenade everyone who was gathered around to witness. And just for that moment, there was no one else in the world but them, swaying to the song, unaware of the ladies wiping tears and the men sipping their drinks and smiling. CJ and Lydia were finally married, and this was their first time being “alone” after saying their I Do’s. And oh, how enchanting it was to experience this joy with them! Never forget the way he sang in your ear and made you laugh so hard it radiated from your cheeks. Never forget how her delicate dress felt beneath your fingers as you wrapped your arms around her waist. Never forget this feeling, thinking of nothing or no one else in the world but the person you hold in your arms…

CJ and Lydia’s backyard wedding was an extraordinary celebration to capture, and I’m so blessed I was able to meet them through another photographer friend, Audrey. From champagne toasts and the pearls around every bridesmaid’s neck, I was in plum and gold heaven! We laughed the whole day, even when the sprinklers came on during bridal portraits and we scattered like ants (I told you guys that you would laugh about it later!) These two have such a genuine bliss when they are together, not only apparent in their huge smiles, but in their eyes. They complete each other so perfectly, and it really really incredible to witness. I’m so incredibly happy for them, and I really do believe that everyone has someone out there who was meant to make them whole. CJ and Lydia, congratulations, and never ever lose those contagious smiles and champagne love! Pop, fizz, clink!

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The Wedding Team

Bride’s Gown: Stella York from Uptown Bridal & Boutique

Rings: The Shane Company

Band: The Vibe Band Photographers: Karlee K Photography


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