Haley & York’s El Chorro Garden Engagement

They walked hand-in-hand, the smell of the salty air swirling around them as the mist hung low beneath the thick clouds. Her blonde ponytail swung behind her as the wind blew through her black dress, sand squishing between their toes on the surreal Kaanapali Beach in Maui. The clouds seemed desperate to drop rain to the beach beneath, but somehow only a fog-like mist covered everything below, like a scene from a movie. As they walked, his heart pounded and his stomach danced as the ring he concealed seemed to burn a hole in his pocket. And as he dipped one knee into the wet sand beneath him, her heart in turn began to pound, in the most exciting way possible as they both tried to wrap their minds around what was happening. She threw her arms around his neck as they both felt an indescribable elation that they will never, ever forget. The moment was absolutely perfect in its own way followed my many other magical memories on their getaway in paradise. It was just a taste of what their future holds, and I was lucky enough to capture the second chapter in their wedding story months later.

We arrived to the stunning El Chorro and excitingly hugged as we walked toward the beautiful property. The temperatures were in the rare double digits, and if you love in Arizona you know that’s crazy talk for September! We felt so blessed that our session followed a rainy day that cooled off the valley with very little humidity, score!! They even brought their sweet puppy, Merlot, along (a name after my own heart) and I was obsessed with his white, fluffy face! Can everyone just bring their pups to every event?? 🙂 The rest of the session was such a dream, and because Haley grew up a dancer, she was so easy to pose! Not to mention they are the most beautiful couple, and when they’re together their inner and outer beauty is only enhanced. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to serve couples as genuinely sweet and dreamy as Haley and York. I simply cannot wait for their garden-inspired wedding with the talents of Some Like It Classic next year! I just love these two more than words!


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