Diliana & Zack’s Riverside Engagement

The note was burning a hole in his pocket as they walked into the small Shakespeare & Company bookstore, the smell of old parchment filling their noses. They shuffled through the floor-to-ceiling shelves of books, climbing up the staircase that read on the steps, “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” The red stairs creaked beneath their feet as they climbed, his heart beating faster as he came here to finish what he had started years ago. They had been in this same bookstore back then, and among the notes fixed to the wall he had meant to write one that said “I love you”, but nerves got the best of him. She knew how he felt then, note or not, but her heart wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen next. In this historic book shop nestled just footsteps away from Notre Dame in Paris, he took out a note with one simple question written on it. Of all the timelessly romantic words preserved in the pages of the books that surrounded them, none would mean more to her than these: “Will you marry me?” Tears spilled out of her cheeks as they held each other in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with so much love and now the start of a new chapter in their story. They put the note on the wall, forever a part of the place that means so much to them, a place full of so much history that now holds a part of theirs. It was pure magic.

Fast forward to Diliana and Zack’s engagement session, in a cool oasis in the middle of the desert, just slightly different from the setting in the previous chapter in their story. 😉 It was so much fun capturing these two; they exude a joy that is so sweet and contagious. We were laughing the entire time, and these two simply couldn’t get enough of each other! Zack kept stealing kisses between shots, and it was perhaps the cutest thing I could ever see from a future groom! They popped champagne and climbed over rocks and covered their toes in dust, all while smiling and making the best memories with each other. Not to mention that they were absolute troopers with the thousands of mosquitoes that just wanted to be a part of their experience…haha! I just love these two and I will always remember the time we shared on the quiet riverbed, celebrating their love. Diliana and Zack, I can’t wait to capture another part of your journey at your DC Ranch wedding in March! It will be a night full of more champagne and laughter, followed by the happiest ending of all, you’ll be married! And one day, you’ll share these memories with your children, the moments that made you who you are and brought you more happiness than you ever thought possible. The story of your love. And that’s a story worth telling.

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The Gear Used for This Shoot…

Kelly Moore Songbird

Cameras & Accessories
Canon 5D Mark III (2) • BlackRapid Camera Strap

Canon 50 1.2 • Canon 100 2.8 • Canon 70-200 2.8

Lens Accessories
Canon 67mm Filter • Canon 72mm Filter • Canon 77mm Filter

Lighting Essentials (Natural Light)
ExpoDisc 82mm White Balance Filter

Memory Cards
Sandisk 32GB CF Card • SanDisk 32GB SD Card

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