Denise & Phil’s Colorful Botanical Engagement

The fire was crackling as sparks danced up into the night sky like fireflies on a clear California evening. They sat close to one another, speaking softly and completely content to hear only hear each other’s voices and the pops of the burning wood. It was there, under the Carlsbad stars that he pulled out the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen, and asked her to be his wife. She couldn’t say yes fast enough, and her heart skipped a beat as they took in this perfect moment and their futures began to unfold before their eyes.


From the moment I met Phil and Denise I knew that these two were incredibly special. Their genuine kindness drew me to them like a moth to a flame, and their warm personalities are the types I absolutely love surrounding myself with. I am so in love with the way they complete each other, as if they’ve known each other their entire lives. I feel when they met, it wasn’t so much a “Nice to meet you,” but a “Oh there you are. I’ve been searching for you my whole life!” It’s almost as if their hands had held each other’s for years, these two are so naturally, blissfully in love. It’s so intoxicating to be around! The way their kids clearly cherish their relationship was incredibly heart-warming, and I couldn’t have been more excited to have her daughter, Sarah as my assistant for their session! She is an aspiring photographer and brought her camera along, which of course, made my heart oh so happy! I am so elated to capture their wedding in April and to witness two families become one! Phil and Denise, thank you for being t incredible and sweet, and I am completely enamored by your love story. I know the sparks in your eyes will always flicker as vividly as those fiery embers in the air on that enchanting night when your lives changed forever.
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