Jenny & Cooper’s Anniversary at Home

There’s something so intimate and special about creating memories in a home you share together. What makes those moments even sweeter? When they’re captured for you to remember forever, even when your hair is gray and your kids have a home of their own. The feeling of your bare feet on the hard wood, your cheeks touching as you relax on the couch, and the familiar grip of your favorite coffee mug in hand. I had the pleasure of capturing a small slice of Cooper and Jenny’s haven they call home, and it was so immensely sweet! I was lucky enough to photograph their engagement session and beautiful wedding, so this made my heart so incredibly happy. Seeing the photos I’ve already taken of them hanging on almost every wall reminds me that this is the ENTIRE REASON why I do what I do! *Happy sigh* I’m just obsessed with these two, and their kitties of course who behaved like little angels! The Nelson’s have created such a beautiful home together and their marriage is just beginning, with many adventures awaiting (just like Carl and Ellie)! So grab a fuzzy blanket and enjoy this cozy session inside their little piece of paradise!

Hair by Braided Mane

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