Winter Trends For Elegant Bridesmaids Dresses

I’m so excited to share a guest post with you today friends, highlighting trends that have been predicted for the fashion-foward bride by Azazie! I’m so grateful to have partnered with such a beautiful resource for finding the perfect bridesmaid dress or bridal gown for the upcoming winter season! Keep reading for an inside scoop on how to stay ahead of the curve for your timeless winter wedding!

“As we see summer 2017 fade away, we begin to watch for weddings and bridesmaid dresses to turn more toward elegance. Summer and spring are usually the time for the lighter colors and styles that lean a bit more toward the more relaxed look. As the temperatures turn, it is not uncommon to see the hues of the bridesmaids dresses to move toward the darker, sleeker, and more sophisticated.



There are many trends for 2018 that are in full swing with the main focus on the sleeves and colors of the bridal party. Asymmetrical is the word of the day. With a lovely bride in a strapless gown or gown with long sleeves, bridesmaids are being dressed in the one-shoulder gown. The look is elegant and stunning and it pulls the eye to the bride who spotlights the difference beautifully. Another popular option is the cap sleeve. There will be fewer bridesmaids sporting a sleeveless gown this winter.


Length is not a major factor. The color choices are steering toward traditional black, deep gray, and navy blue. These dresses can be worn in any length, but black is most popular in floor length. Other color options wedding gown experts at Azazie are seeing for the more elegant weddings is steel gray and champagne.

Trends with Shoes


The bridal party of 2018 will be wearing shoes of the same color, though different styles are acceptable. However, for the bridesmaids dressed in black or navy, the shoes are being matched to the bridal bouquet. This is where the color splash is showing up. Brides are choosing flowers with a pop. Bright colors in the bouquet matching the splash of color on the feet are the bold statement people are looking for.

Bridesmaids in black, steel gray, and champagne are staying away from the white bouquet. If you are using white flowers, add a pale pink or a coral bloom to give you a color flare. Brides are carrying oversized bouquets this year and orchids and fully bloomed roses are the flowers of choice.

Bridal Capes and Shawls

There is a big turn toward the bridal cape this year. The cape can begin from the head and flow over the shoulder or can be secured around the neck of the bride. The capes are coming in various lengths to flatter the dresses, but trains are almost mandatory in 2018.

Consequently, you will see more bridesmaids with wraps or shawls. They will be light and understated. They will be wispy and usually made of lace. They may or may not be worn during the ceremony, but they will be worn in many of the wedding photos.



The brides of 2018 are moving more toward the elegant resort or the vintage home, museum, or plantation style venue. Winding staircases, crystal chandeliers, and a lot of greenery are big. Having greenery and floral pieces arranged around the entry door to the Victorian or plantation home is another trend you will see.

With that said, there is also a trend curving in larger cities, like New York for the rooftop garden wedding. These weddings are taking place at sundown and decor is crystal lights and candles to enhance the view of their choice. These weddings are being planned for fall.

Groom and Groomsmen


The men in the wedding are going completely traditional with tuxedos (black) or for a more vintage look, the vest, and jacket. It is all about elegance, class, grace, and charm this season.

While today’s bride has a wide range of choices and nothing is off limits, classic elegance is trending. By making a dramatic switch from traditional black and navy to gray, ivory or champagne, she can have a completely unique wedding while holding on to bridal tradition.”

-Wendy Dessler, Outreach Manager of Azazie


All photos appearing in this post provided by Karlee K Photography and Azazie

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