How to Create a Timeless Fall Wedding

My absolute favorite time of year has finally arrived! Cue the #basic pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, apple cider candles, and cool evening walks! Maybe it’s because Jerrin and I were married in the Fall, but for some reason, I simply adore Fall weddings, especially when tasteful seasonal touches are incorporated. Many brides may be Autumn-obsessed like me, but want to keep their wedding timeless and elegant while adding hints of their pumpkin-loving personalities. So instead of planning your wedding to be Fall-themed, think instead of hosting a wedding with your dream vision, while adding subtle Fall touches. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to achieve this festive look!

Flowers and Details

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate this crisp time of year into your day is through the use of florals, and this goes for any season! You could be planning literally any color palette, but add a touch of those wheat-toned plants and boom, you have your subtle Autumn inspiration! You’ll want to stick with neutral tones; think nudes, cremes, dusty rose, and pops of rich colors like burgundy or deep mustard. Here are some wonderful options to get just the look you’re going for:

  • Pampas Grass
  • Dried Flowers
  • Antique Rose
  • Astilbe
  • Cotton
  • Protea
  • Thistle
  • Willow Eucalyptus
  • Creme Dahlia
  • Burgundy Ranunculus
  • Waxflower

The list goes on, and these are wonderful suggestions to bring up to your florist for your hand-held bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and garlands! I can’t stress enough how much florals add to your vision of your big day, and we could literally stop here! But the next way to create this seasonal look is through your small details, and this could simple require a trip to Hobby Lobby or a click of a button online!

When it comes to your invitations, this is such a great way to give your guests a preview of what to expect for your day. Vintage stamps, gold foiling, and floral invitation liners scream October/November, so go for it! Pairing your details with silk ribbon, textured linens, lace, leaves, and wood elements also accentuate the Harvest and are so easy to find!

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Men’s Attire

When it comes to the guys, it’s so easy to combine classic with trendy, so either way you win! For this time of year, richer, deeper colors are the perfect way to keep it timeless while creating a seasonal vibe. Charcoal, navy, and the traditional black tuxes are always going to make your man look his best! Velvets are also so dimensional and add so much visual interest to your photos, and even a burgundy or plum suit would also be so unique and dapper!


Ladies Attire

For you brides, straps and sleeves are not only a wonderful way to embrace cooler temperatures, but they add a softness to your gown, especially when paired with a long, flowing veil. Sheer elements in your gown, such as a tulle neckline or button-down back create such a whimsical elegance to your look, while helping you keep a little warmer (but not too warm)! I know our Arizona Fall’s can still be in the 90’s, but the nights are beautiful and much cooler 🙂 Gold jewelry and hair pieces add the sweetest bit of gracefulness to your attire, and you can even find gold leaf jewels to really enhance the festive look!

Bridesmaid dress trends are ever-changing, but one thing about cooler weather weddings that remains constant is the long bridesmaid gown. Floor-length dresses are a must for Fall, and you can mix and match styles so those who want straps and sleeves can rock them in their own way! Even a light shawl can create dimension in your photos! Burgundy, deep plum, sage, eggplant, and neutral tones are stunning, and you can always mix and match with colors too! Even pant suits have been making their appearance for an edgier look. Floral hair pieces can add a beautiful touch and carry the floral theme to a new level too!





For your decor, think of the warmth that Thanksgiving brings to your family, with everyone gathered around enjoying each other’s company. This feeling is so similar to your wedding day, so the aspects of Fall are bound to create an intimate setting like no other time of year. Like I said before, this is where florals can shine through: Aisle pieces, garlands, arbor hangings, cake accents, and centerpieces will enhance the flow and feel of your entire wedding. Adding coppers and golds, wood elements, leather, velvet, and textures will also give a cozy feel to your celebration! Apothecary jars photograph beautifully, and those deeps amber tones are sure to create the perfect October ambiance. Mix with deep-colored goblets, copper tins, and antique roses and your guests will be surrounded by an intimate glow throughout the entire evening.

Did you know your food and favors can enhance your decor too? Jams, jellies, and honeys are a sweet yet festive favor, and can be incorporated into your cocktail hour to add golden and deep red pops to your plates (and they taste amazing). Cheese boards paired with wines also add color and deliciousness to your table spread! For desserts, I just love the idea of caramel apples and warm beverages! Berries and nuts also add those mouth-watering pops to your cake, or dare I say, pumpkin pie?!

If you’re lost on where to rent these decorative elements from, be sure to check out Tremaine Ranch! They offer tabletop decor, furniture, and styling to give you the exact cozy vision you’re looking for!

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Of course in Arizona, to host a wedding in the woods, you need to travel to locations like Flagstaff, Pinetop, or Payson, which can give you a mini destination wedding and all the yellow leaved vibes! But here in the Valley, our leaves don’t usually change until the new year, so a desert wedding is most likely an option for you. And I LOVE that! Because when you may see brown or yellow plants,  I see gold. Tall grass, desert foliage, and trees may seem to lose their luster this time of year, but once the sun starts to set, magic happens! Those plants simply glow and give a harvest, wheat-colored look to your backgrounds with pops of yellow to create a Fall vibe. Even a simple dirt path can become so beautiful in the sunset, so don’t write off a desert wedding because you don’t think it will achieve an Autumn vision, because it can!



Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different!

If you’re like me, you may love the soft blush pastels of Spring no matter what time of year, and you can still create a Fall feel with this palette! Just think outside the box! Maybe adding some soft florals to white and sage pumpkins or incorporating gold leaf accents to light watercolor prints can be the most creative way to be subtle with your Autumn obsession. The sky is the limit, and it’s your day, so make it unique to you!


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