Austin & Caelen’s Pastel El Chorro Wedding

Behind the Scenes with Amy & Jordan Photography

April 8th, 2015 | In the corner of my eye, I saw a little red icon pop up, notifying me of a Facebook message. I unenthusiastically clicked it, not even realizing it was from one of my favorite photographers ever, of the husband-wife team, Amy and Jordan Photography. If you’re in the wedding industry in Arizona (and for the country for that matter) you know who Amy and Jordan are. Don’t lie, you creep on their Instagram’s every day. 😉 They’re that cute married couple who write each other pink notes, have two cats, and take beautiful photos. You know what their favorite ice cream is, what a “Demos Sandwich” is, and wonder why they weren’t around to shoot your wedding. They are huge in the industry, and insanely humble. I read through the message way too quickly, then read it again slower, just to be sure I had processed what I read correctly. Jordan asked me if I was able to shoot a wedding with them in August. A wedding they were both in. His sister’s wedding.

I almost fell back in my chair.

“…We want to support you because we believe in you and we thought this would be a cool opportunity to introduce you to our audience as a, “Hey, we trust this girl! You all should too!” It’s a huge blessing to us to have capable shooters there who we love to help us out because it’s gonna be a little cray to shoot my sister’s wedding AND be in it!!”

Fast forward to August, it’s the afternoon of the big day, and I find myself sitting in the parking lot of the hotel. My hands are sweating, I have major butterflies, and I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time. I say a quick prayer, take a deep breath, and walk inside. I was greeted with the warmest smiles and hugs from everyone, and welcomed like a family member to this amazing occasion. The nerves suddenly vanished, and I’m so thankful for every person in that room who made me feel so at ease! Shooting Austin and Caelen’s big day alongside my dear friends was a crazy, fast-paced, hot, incredible experience, and I will never forget it! From running to grab water 100 times, fluffing dresses, and dancing the night away, I loved every minute. (You can read about how we managed to shoot the wedding that both of the photographers were in on the AJ Blog here!) As for me, I wanted to share some little behind the scenes moments, as well as some dreamy shots of my own that I was able to capture. Did I mention I was also shooting beside Melissa Jill, another powerhouse in the industry whose talent in inconceivable? And some of the most well-known, amazing vendors in Arizona contributed too! It was almost too much to handle! Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of the crazy day, as they deserve all the credit for their hard work and talents! Love them all!

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Event Designer: Outstanding Occasions

DJ: Push Play Entertainment

Bride’s Dress: Melissa Sweet at David’s Bridal

Bride’s Rings: Vera Wang

Bride’s Shoes: Betsey Johnson Blues

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Catering: El Chorro

Ceremony Location: El Chorro

Dessert: Twelve Cakes Bakery

Floral Design: Sarah’s Garden

Groomsmen Suits: Kenneth Cole

Groom’s Suit: Kenneth Cole

Hair Stylist: Erin Fink

Invitations: Champagne Press

Linens: La Tavola Fine Linens

Macarons: Ruze Cake House

Makeup Artist: Arielle Rondeau

Officiant: Dustin Tappan

Photographers: Amy & Jordan

Ceremony Photographers: Melissa Jill & Karlee K

Reception Location: El Chorro

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