Tim & Jessica’s Dreamy Desert Engagement

The sun inched lower behind the horizon, dusting the mountains in an orange and pink glow.

As I clicked my shutter in Jessica’s direction, behind me I could hear Tim softly say, “Honey, you look amazing,” and she giggled and looked down at the ground. It’s little moments like these, the ones that my couples don’t even think about, that make me fall more in love with love after every session. Because at the end of the day, it’s really is all that matters, and it’s why I do what I do.

As we walked closer toward the mountains, we kept excitedly realizing how rare it was that it was 80 degrees and breezy. In May. In Arizona. For anyone who is spoiled enough to live elsewhere in May-August, just know that we were prepared for the weather to be in the hundreds! This was a God sent! Golden light, Jessica’s amazing bow dress, and a perfect breeze was a recipe for this glowy, soft engagement session. We also snapped some family photos with their two little ones who were cracking me up, and behind the scenes, grandma was my hero for helping with my equipment while entertaining the kids! This mini family trip made my heart happy, and made me realize how excited I am for Tim and Jessica’s wedding in August. Congratulations love birds, I can’t wait until you tie the knot (or bow)!

Hair and Makeup by Ideal Bridal

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