Paige & Bryan’s Salt River Engagement

It was a chilly February day, the sun hid behind the overcast clouds as Paige and Bryan walked up to their plot of land. They stepped over concrete slabs while kicking up dust in the very spot that their dream house was being built. They looked around at the tree line of bare Winter branches, envisioning the walls that would soon surround them in their future, walls that would house so many new memories in the years to come. They huddled close while standing on the dirt that would be their garage, getting so excited about what was to come. He may have been a little more excited than her in that moment…he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box as he bent down on one knee. Paige gasped as her hands shot up to cover her mouth, the cold air blowing her ponytail behind her as she laughed and cried. They both had butterflies of excitement and their hearts could almost burst, they were engaged! Not only do the walls that support their house hold new and wonderful memories, but the dirt beneath it does too. How many people get to say that?

Paige and Bryan live in Indiana, so we jumped at our chance to shoot their engagement session while they were in Arizona, even if it was the week before their wedding! It was so exciting to chat about their big day, knowing it was only 8 days from our shoot and not months in the future! And I am so obsessed with these two; they are so natural and stunning in front of the camera, not to mention they are so kind and their love is so sweet. Paige and Bryan, I can barely contain my excitement to shoot your wedding in two days! I know it’s going to be unbelievable, and I can’t wait for you to dress the walls in your dream home with the engagement, then wedding photos that hold so many more moments to remember within the coming days!

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