Courtney & Angelo’s Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

It was a chilly November day when he asked her to share in his forever. They were looking over the beautiful Phoenix valley from on top of South Mountain, pointing out landmarks and places they knew. Little did she know, she was overlooking what would be their wedding venue below within a year…he took a deep breath, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Her mouth flew open as a million butterflies danced in her stomach. She couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough if she tried! She leaped into his arms and they held each other so tight in the brisk Fall air. It was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter, and she couldn’t wait to turn the page into the next part of their story!

Fast forward to April, and we’re standing in a glow of sunset slight, surrounded by hundreds of cacti and flowers. That’s what I think of when I picture Courtney & Angelo’s engagement session, wildflowers. Oranges and purples splattered among the gold and green desert grass, while Courtney and Angelo danced and laughed as the sun sank lower behind them. It was a stunning celebration of their love, and I can’t believe I get to watch it bloom over this next year. And until their wedding day, which will also be surrounded by colorful flowers, I’ll always smile when I remember how absolutely breathtaking these two were together on this glowing evening. And I’ll think of the flowers, their elated faces, and a snake (lol at Angelo NOT having any part of that)! Congratulations you two, the next part of your story awaits!

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