Austin & Kirsten’s December Desert Engagement

The rain pelted my windshield as I drove up the winding path, the wind pushing my car from side to side, swaying in between lane lines. “They came all the way form California for this. It has to be today,” I thought as my stomach dropped and a knot formed in my throat. I prayed and prayed the the storm would pass, or stop, or for anything but this that would force us to cancel. And just like that, the rain ceased to spit angrily from the dark clouds, only minutes before they pulled up. Austin and Kirsten hopped out of the car, and we hugged and laughed and shivered as we made our way out into the desert. And although the wind was blowing and we were absolutely chilled to the bone, we captured the most incredible images in the eye of that storm, showcasing the true meaning of their love story.

We hiked through the Scottsdale desert with their sweet dog, trying not to think about how numb our hands were, or how many goosebumps we had, laughing the whole time. They were happy to cuddle up to stay warm, while I was lucky enough to have gloves! We shot until Kirsten’s lips literally started turning blue, and I realized that these two are rockstars. There is no one I’d rather endure an “Arizona blizzard” with, and I’m so glad we stuck with it, because look what came out of it! Austin and Kirsten, I cannot wait for you desert wedding in April, where I know we will not only have sunshine and warmer temps, but an even more memorable experience together. You only need each others arms wrapped around you to conquer this life together, and I know your bright spirits will pierce through the darkest of any rainclouds. You two are so positive, sweet, and perfect for each other, and I know you will always have your love to keep you warm.

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