Marcel & Nicole’s Gorgeous Sedona Anniversary

We cut through thorny bushes and prickly pear patches. Red dirt dusted our shoes and gnats swarmed above our heads like Tinker bell’s pixie dust, minus the sparkle. But it was SO worth it. And oh, how we laughed! I can’t remember the last time I have laughed that hard! Days like those are just plain good for the soul, filled with new friends and sore cheeks.

Marcel and Nicole have been married for five years now, and every day is better than the last. They were married young, and as someone who did the same, I can say that we are so lucky to spend even more time married to our soul mates.

We started our trip to Sedona with a pit stop to get snacks and Arizona Tea, which is a must for a trip to an icon in our state, and of course, candy. The car ride consisted of chatting about butterflies and rainbows from us girls, and we were pretty sure Marcel wanted to be anywhere but that car haha! Nicole’s long-time friend, Beth, came along to help watch their fur baby (Appa), so we had a blast the entire ride up! We stopped at a restaurant for some $8 Kraft-disguised-as-fancy mac n’ cheese and we laughed about it the whole day. Who doesn’t want to drive to Sedona for that?? We sat on the patio and enjoyed the cooler weather and took off to hunt for the perfect location. After much driving, turning around, driving through dirt, laughing to the point of tears, and cutting through a golf course, we finally found the perfect spot with the most gorgeous light! We adventured around and the evening flew by as we talked about marriage and dogs (two of my favorite things!) Beth had to carry Appa everywhere so his little white paws wouldn’t turn red from the dust, and I just couldn’t get over the fact that his puppy bow tie matched the coral-tinted rocks of the mountains! It was a perfect coincidence, and I may have repeated in the most annoying voice how cute he was and how much he looked like a fluffy snow ball…

The drive home was filled with celebrity/Disney games and Harry Potter trivia (I won), and it was the perfect end to our amazing day. I’m so blessed to have two new friends who love marriage as much as I do, and I can’t wait to capture their next anniversary, as there will be many to come. Thanks for the laughs you guys, and cheers to five years!

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