Matt & Emily’s Royal Palms Enagement

She had always wanted a white sand proposal.

She invisioned it so vividly; seafoam bubbling at their barefoot toes while the love of her life proposed in the oceanfront sunset. So when Matt took her to visit the ocean, her heart fluttered nevously, but the trip came and went. She almost felt relieved that it hadn’t happened just yet, because she was sure he knew that she’d be expecting it. What she didn’t expect, was that his plan was more romantic, more personally perfect than she could have ever envisioned, and it would take her breath away more than the salty air ever could.

They both worked at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, so when he told her to come meet him at work that night, she didn’t think much of it. He pulled up on a golf cart when she arrived, and told her to hop in. He drove her through the dark, winding trails of the golf course, and she was confused as to why they were there, at night, with no light. The breeze blew through her hair as they approached a clean, white sandtrap, then he slowed down and came to a stop. And she saw it. The tiki lanterns, the umbrella, the lounge chairs with floral laies strung across. She turned to him, stunned and still taken offgaurd as he smiled. “I know you wanted the beach, so I brought the beach to you.” And as he pulled out a small ring box, she gasped to see that the box even had it’s own little light so she could see the sparkling diamonds inside. She had never seen a more creative, caring gesture, and it completely knocked her off her feet. Her dream had come into fruition, but it had been better than she could have ever expected. Because she shared it with him.

Fast forward to our winter engagement session, and we found ourselves at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort, taking in the beauty of the Arizona desert mixed with the gorgeous Christmas decor and of course, palm trees galore! Emily is the Sales and Catering Manager for the Royal Palms, (we had some VIP access and extensive knowledge of the grounds) so she is in the wedding industry as well! And it shows; her sparkly silver dress mixed with his Calvin Clein suit had me drooling, and hearing her vision for their country club wedding makes my little photographer heart skip a beat. Almost as much as their love story does… Matt and Emily, I’m so incredibly happy to share this unforgettable ride with you. I can’t wait to watch your love grow and flourish as you tie the knot; a love that is your own slice of paradise, that can take you away whenever the waters rise in your lives. A love that you’ve made together and that will last forever.

A love deeper than the ocean.

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