Kyle & Jessica’s Dreamy Scottsdale Engagement

As we walked up the dirt path, all that could be heard was the crunching of gravel beneath our feet, and the dripping of rain onto the desert floor. The sky was a dark gray, and the once golden desert exhibited its soft greens and yellows as every aspect of our prickly surroundings subdued into a blanket of pastels. The rain trickled down ever so slightly, and as I realized just how fine the line between sprinkling and pouring was, and I was grateful. Because when the desert is in this rare of form, just before the clouds are about to lose it all, it’s incredible. And that’s when I was reassured that Kyle and Jessica had a very special guardian angel smiling down on this unforgettable occasion.

We began to shoot, laughing between shots as she held up her yellow umbrella to protect her golden hair (and my gear!), taking in these moments while trying to stay dry. If you look closely, you can see little sprinkles in the background of the photos! As they walked to the car to change into their second outfits, and I was carefully switching my lenses to capture Jessica’s sparkling ring, something not only made me look up, but look behind me. And there it was. A massive, perfect rainbow that spread North to South in a stunning arch of color. It was only visible for a couple minutes, and I prayed that they were able to see it. They walked back toward me hand-in-hand, toward this enormous sign in the heavens, as if he was saying, “Im here. I’m with you.” Just as they reached me, it disappeared into the mist, and we excitedly began to shoot again. Initially I was saddened that we were unable to grab a shot of them with the rainbow in the background, but then I realized; they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it if their backs were turned. The moment wouldn’t have been the same, almost like witnessing something incredible only through your phone’s screen so you can remember it later. And I do truly believe that everything happens for a reason. How it appeared while they were together but alone, gracing the horizon as they walked. How fifteen minutes after driving away in my car, the loudest lightning I’ve ever heard shook my windows, and I had to pull over because of the downpour. Fifteen minutes earlier, and my gear and our session would have been compromised, and soaked. How I was blessed enough to capture some incredibly special family photos for them not long ago, knowing how sacred these photos must be now. I still can’t believe that I’m able to give a gift to my couples that they will treasure forever, especially for these two. Their love is so inspiring, and I know their wedding bands will hold a promise as powerful as those bands of color in the sky. Congratulations Kyle and Jessica, I cannot wait to witness your happily ever after unfold!

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