Monica & Austin’s Sunny Lavender Engagement

The sky was beginning its transformation from a fiery orange to a deep ocean blue, illuminating the  purple mountains in the distance. Green pines blanketed the rolling hills they walked to the edge of the cliff, his heart pounding in his chest as she looked down at the romantic picnic he created. She smiled bigger than she ever thought she could as they sat down and enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries and wine. As she got up, she turned around and her heart skipped a beat and her eyes grew wide. Austin was kneeling on one knee, clutching a small burgundy box that held a sparkling diamond ring. Her hands shot up and covered her mouth, taking in the moment and still trying to comprehend what was happening. And there, in the quiet of the mountains, they held each other close as the rest of their lives were changed forever, in the most incredible way possible. Then, when she thought this moment couldn’t have been more perfect, her parents and their best friends came out of their hiding spots, and they popped champagne and celebrated their exciting news. They ended the night sitting on that cliff and looking at the stars, undimmed by any city lights, creating an enchanting array of twinkling magic. It was absolutely perfect.

Austin and Monica’s engagement session was just as magical as their engagement story, and their affection for one another is no different. I am so grateful to be able to capture their beautiful love, and this experience is extra special to me. I’ve known Monica for years, and we were in dance together in high school, so I have nothing but wonderful memories with this sweet girl. Austin also went to Corona (go Aztecs!), so this was a match made in Heaven! To be able to witness these exciting events in a friend’s life is a privilege that I will never take for granted, and I’m so extremely happy for these two! I am counting down the days until their beautiful wedding and their happily ever after. Congratulations Austin and Monica, may this time until your big day be as dazzling as those millions of stars in your eyes when your together!

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