Matthew & Adrianna’s Colorful Desert Engagement

Of all the places they’ve traveled in the world, there is one that holds more meaning above all the others to Matthew and Adrianna. On that desert cliff, listening to the wind whistle through the monstrous canyons that seemed to trickle on to infinity, their lives changed forever and for the better. Nantucket, Aruba, Hawaii, Napa; those incredible destinations couldn’t compare with the romance and the significance of that day visiting the Grand Canyon. Because it’s the day that he bent one knee into the red dust and asked her to be his bride. Sigh. Their love is grand, filling the depths of those canyons and expanding past the stars in the deep purple sky that blankets the Arizona desert.

Matthew and Adrianna moved to our sunny state to escape the chill of the freezing temperatures in Illinois, so it was only fitting that he proposed in front of the most iconic view in Arizona. We absolutely had to capture their engagement photos in the gorgeous desert to represent their new chapter here together, and the start of a bright new future in their new home state. We had so much fun exploring around Scottsdale, and she was such a rockstar for sinking her heels in the mud and wearing a cocktail dress in January! But I guess that’s why they moved here, so she could wear a cocktail dress in January 🙂 And I’m so glad they did. Matt was so sweet as he gave her his coat so she could be warmer, even if that meant that he would feel the wind chill down his neck. They held each other tight and giggled as the breeze sent chills up their arms, because they didn’t even care. Matt and Adrianna, I stood in aw as you held each other and as you fell so naturally into your poses, and your love is simply beautiful. Seeing you together was no different than seeing one of the wonders of the world, breathtaking and one of a kind. I can’t wait for you big day, and watch watch your love story unfold!

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